The national team of Ukraine won the prizes at FAI Liepaja Cup 2022

The stages of the World Cup are held throughout the year. Team scores are earned individually as the sum of the 3 best stage points of each athlete.



FAI Liepaja Cup 2022 was held from July 1st to 3rd near Liepaja (Latvia).

Participants from Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine joined the competition.

Our country was represented by five athletes from Kyiv, Nizhyn, and Poltava: Serhiy Trush, Stepan Ivchenko, Oleksandr Synelytsy, Oleksandr Radchenko, and Denys Khmil.

The national team of Ukraine won 5 out of 15 possible medals awarded at the competition:

Serhiy Trush — 1st place in S7 class and 2nd place in S6A class;

Stepan Ivchenko — 2nd place in S4A class;

Oleksandr Synelytsy — 2nd place in S8E/P class;

Oleksandr Radchenko — 3rd place in S7 class.


«The athletes met in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This is our first competition this year. And probably the first ever event with almost no training and preparation! We were unlucky with the weather, so only one class of models was held on the first day – S6A. Instead, on Sunday we competed in as many as 4 classes of models: S4A, S7, S8E/P, and S9A. We didn’t miss a single class though, we competed everywhere! Our next destination is the Andritz Space Cup stage in Slovakia. We hope to participate with a bigger team this time. We must do everything we can to draw attention to our country and maintain its image at the international level,», says Denis Khmil, Secretary General of the Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine and FAI Liepaja Cup 2022 participant.

Oleksandr Radchenko, Stepan Ivchenko and Oleksandr Synelytsy. Participants of FAI Liepaja Cup 2022

Preparation of the rocket model Trailblazer IID 70  for launch, Denys Khmil Trushand  Serhiy at FAI Liepaja Cup 2022

Oleksandr Synelytsy, representative of Ukraine at FAI Liepaja Cup 2022
FAI Liepaja Cup 2022