Valentyn Zozulya won Zolochyv’s Gold.

The Zolochyv Cup for space models finished yesterday in Lviv region.
The Regional Young Technicians Center, that had organized the championship, published the results. Young amateur rocketry enthusiasts launched their models S3A and S6A. Valentyn Zozulya became the best.
Silver and Bronze went to Roman Mykluh, Volodymyr Gnatyak, Andrey Zadorozny and Arsen Markozky
Medalists of S3A department:
I – Valentyn Zozulya
II – Roman Mykluh
III – Volodymyr Gnatyak

Medalists of S6A department:
I – Valentyn Zozulya
II – Andrey Zadorozny
III – Arsen Markozky

The Zolochyv Cup has a memorable value for rocketry enthusiasts being coincided to The Day of UPA ( The Ukrainian Insurgent Army)