The last competitions of the 2022 sports season. Ljubljana Cup

The 2022 sports season has come to an end. This year, it ended with the Ljubljana Cup. The competition was held from October 14 to 16 in Ljubljana, the Republic of Slovenia.

For all participants, these were crucial competitions that could make adjustments to the overall standings for the 2022 World Cup. Ukraine was represented at the competition by two sportsmen, Ihor Volkanov (Dnipro) and Oleksandr Radchenko (Nizhyn).


This time, the following prizes were added to our treasury:

S8P – 1st place Radchenko Oleksandr (Nizhyn);

S4A – 2nd place – Igor Volkanov (Dnipro).

Congratulations to our sportsmen on their new victories!

Soon we will know the official results of the 2022 World Cup and the new winners. There should be a lot of interesting things!