Rockets re-conquered the sky over the Shostka city. Closing of season 2015.

The fifth and final stage of the 2015 Ukraine Cup – “Closing Season Cup” was held from October 16-18 , 2015.Spectacular classes of rockets S6A, S8E / P, S8D / P conquered the sky over the Shostka city in the Sumy region.

Perfect flight weather and warm atmosphere of the native city helped athletes from Shostka to win all the prizes in the class S6A :

I place – Vladislav Chizh;

II place – Maxim Lavrinenko;

III place – Vladislav Matosov.

According to the results of the competition in the class S8D / P the lead positions were occupied by:

I place – Anton Pitelguzov, Brovary;

II Place – Alex Shako, Kyiv;

III place – Alexander Golovin, Dnepropetrovsk.


Enchanting exercises in the class S8E / P again confirmed the skills of titled sportsmen. Prizes were distributed among themselves:

I Place – Alexander Sinelitsy, Poltava;

II place – Igor Volkanov, Dnepropetrovsk;

III place – Kirill Protsenko, Dnepropetrovsk.

Prizes, which Noosphere prepared for the absolute champions from the Ukrainian national team for their brilliant performance at the European Championship 2015 in Lviv made the “Closing Season Cup” even more pleasant event. Once again we congratulate athletes on their victory and wish no less outstanding results in the new season! Have a successful launch, fascinating flight and accurate landing!