The results of Chernihiv regional competition

On April 24, young enthusiasts joined the traditional Chernihiv regional competition for spacemodels, which was held at the “Chemer” airfield. The competition was attended by teams from Nezhin, Chernigov, Semyonovka and Kulikovskii district. More than 30 juniors competed for the victory this year!

29 participants started in the S-6-A/2 class models. The best results showed:
1st place – Denis Litoshenko (Chernihiv city);
2nd place – Victor Tsirulik (Chernihiv city);
3rd place – Olexandr Radchenko (Nezhin city).

The «SALUTE – A / 2» class was attended by 14 athletes. Despite high competition, students of the Nezhin SYT won all prizes in this class of models.

1st place – Anton Petruh;
2nd place – Bohdan Parkhomenko;
3rd place – Alexey Fed`kor.

Roman Ivanec` presented a prototype of SATURN-5 and won in the scale class of models. Chernigov team took the second and third places in the most spectacular scale class. Victor Tsirulik won silver and Stanislav Indach – bronze.

And in the S4 / A class the medal places are shared by:
1st place – Vladislav Smolyanka;
2nd place – Dmitriy Smolyar;
3rd place – Vadim Ivanec`.

Junior team from Chernigov showed excellent results in the S8 class. Vladislav Smolyanka is the best in the class of radio-controlled rocket gliders. Vladislav Yakimenko won the second place and Bogdan Posternak from the team of Kulikovskii district took the bronze.

As a result of the air battles, Nezhin SYT added of team gold to their collection, Chernihiv team won the second prize and the bronze medal went to Semyonovka.