2015 FAI European Championship for Space Models. The Chronicles. Part 1.

From August 21-28 Ukraine hosted the 2015 FAI European Championship for Space Models for the first time. With the help of Noosphere, the event was a true space technology and engineering festival.

Because of home atmosphere Ukrainian team became the all-round European Champion in team event. Although prior to the event, it was clear that the fight would be tough: there were worthy opponents. The Championship was attended by 111 rocketeers from 12 countries including Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Switzerland and Estonia. The USA team was a special guest. They requested a special permission from FAI to be allowed for participation at the continental championship.

The 2015 FAI European Championship for Space Models was held near the famous city of Lviv, Ukraine. It took organizers more than half a year to find a place which met all of the FAI’s requirements. The 100 000 sq m competition field was divided into several zones, including the competition zone, guest area and an area for exhibits and to enjoy the launches.

Because of the complex approach that this year’s championship used, it became a mix of technology and entertainment.The event started with an opening ceremony with a live music concert and the next several days were filled with entertaining activities, including workshops where experienced rocketry enthusiasts showed how to design simple model rockets, various sports activities and contests with cool prizes.