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Competition Calendar for 2020
Date Name Venue Competition program Results
Перенесено на 2021 р. Firefly International Rocket Event Austin, USA S2P, S6A/P, S7, S12A/P
Відмінено I Stage of Ukraine Cup ' Halychyna Cup' Velykyi Doroshiv S6А, S8D/Р
Відмінено II Stage of Ukraine Cup 'Chernihiv Cup' Chernihiv S4А, S6А, S8D/Р, S9А
Відмінено Ukraine Rocketry Challenge 2020 Dnipro URC-2020
Відмінено Junior Ukrainian Competitions for Space Models Konotop S1А, S4А, S6А, S7, S8D, S9А, Салют, Планета
Відмінено ІІІ Stage of Ukraine Cup 'Dnipro Cup' Dnipro S4А, S6А, S8D/Р, S9А
Відмінено ІV Stage of Ukraine Cup 'Voytynskyy Cup' Skadovsk S4А, S6А, S8D/Р, S9А
24.08-18.10.20 World Space Modeling Virtual Open Meet Online S2P, S4А, S6А, S7, S8D, S9А
24.09-28.09.20 Ukrainian Championships Dnipro S4А, S6А, S7, S8E/P, S8D, S9А, S12А
Відмінено Yangel CUP Dnipro S1A, S1B, S4А, S6А, S7, S8E/P, S9А
------ Team training camp Nizhyn S1А,S1В, S2P, S3А, S4А, S6А, S5В, S5С, S7, S8E/P, S8D, S9А
Перенесено на 2021 р. FAI S World Championships Buzau, Romania S1A, S1B, S3A, S4A, S6A, S5B, S5C, S7, S8E\P, S8D, S9A
Відмінено V Stage of Ukraine Cup 'Zolota osin' ipro S4А, S6А, S8D/Р, S9А, S4А, S6А, S8D/Р, S9А
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