Information about the competition in Ukraine

Dear amateur rocketry enthusiasts!

Throughout the years, the Ukraine Spacemodeling Sports Federation, we have gathered more than 1000 participants in the Ukrainian Championship, the Yangel Cup, and the Ukraine Rocket Challenge. With the support of the NGO “Association Noosphere”, we organized dozens of events, and the Ukrainian national team in amateur rocketry participated in several competitions. We are doing this so that young people can develop in the aerospace industry in independent Ukraine.

Numerous amateur rocketry workshops are held to promote rocket modeling, and we have even set a record during the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence! We loaded 500 model rockets with blue and yellow colours, then launched them at the same time, re-creating the glorious flag of an independent Ukraine.

The 2022 Yangel Cup was set to celebrate its 25th anniversary, and the winners of the Ukraine Rocketry Challenge 2022 were to represent Ukraine on the international stage.


However, on February 24, many of us woke up to rocket explosions fired by russia. Unlike our “peaceful” models, these rockets are killing and continue to kill our fellow citizens and destroy civilian buildings in Ukrainian cities, including entire neighbourhoods, hospitals, schools, museums, and architectural monuments. There are no members of the rocket model community who have not been affected by this war.

Some of our friends are under occupation, forced to hide in shelters or leave their homes. Others volunteer, help the Armed Forces and the Defense Forces, and defend our country at the frontlines with weapons in hand.


Unfortunately, because of the ongoing hostilities, we will not be able to hold the Ukrainian Rocketry Challenge on the previously announced dates. But we believe in our strength, and will hold the events after we are victorious! ! Other competitions remain in question.


We will announce the new dates and venues on the Federation’s href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>website and on the official Facebook page as soon as we can plan them in a safe place and in peacetime.

Take care of yourself and your families!