Spacemodellers from Kherson finished the season

On September 28 Kherson held open competitions of the scientific and technical creativity Center for studying youth, in S-6A class of streamer duration models. Its participants were mainly pupils of younger age.
Three teams had fought for the championship: Andromeda, Orion and Phoenix. Member of the last one, Andrey Bardas, was the best in the individual competition. His teammate, Valeriy Bidovsky, became second. Bogdan Kurinnyi from Orion took the third place.

The most precious award for young spacemodellers from Kherson is the Challenge Federation Cup of Kherson region – got by Phoenix team.

In general, in the team competition standing prizes were assigned as follows:
I — Phoenix
II — Orion
III — Andromeda

Kherson modelers completed sports season with these competitions.