2 more flight days before the season closing. Final Cup of Ukraine in Shostka

On October 17 the Spacemodelling sport Competition – the Ukrainian Cup final – will begin in Shostka (Sumy region). Starts in S8E / P S8D and S6A classes will continue 2 flight days and finish on October 19.

Participation applications were submitted by more than 30 enthusiasts from Kharkov, Zhitomir, Dnipropetrovsk, Nezhyn, Chernihov, Poltava. Even representatives from neighboring countries had decided to fight for the title of the best modelers in the designated classes.

This is the final stage of the Cup and the final race of the season of 2014. The year was eventful for Ukrainian spacemodellers. In August 2014 our team won 9 medals at the European Championships in Bulgaria. On October 19, after the final of the Cup of Ukraine (Shostka, Ukraine) seniors and juniors will start to prepare actively for the 2015 European Championship.

This time, Ukraine will host the prestigious championship. It became known after returning of the delegation of the general partner of Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine, Noosphere, from Headquarters FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) in Switzerland. Delegates of profile Aeromodelling Commission had also approved the holding of the 2016 Spacemodelling Championship in Ukraine.