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Head of Department

Igor A.Volkanov

Igor is a coach in scientific and technical creativity Center for studying youth since 1994. Since 2003 he has been heading spacemodelling hobby group at Dnipropetrovsk Regional Centre of Scientific and Technical creativity. In 2009 Igor has become a President of Spacemodelling Sport Federation of Ukraine.

History of Department

Rapid development of cosmonautics in 60-70-ies of XX century facilitated growth of rocket-and-space hobby groups. Among the first leaders of Dnepropetrovsk spacemodelling groups we may list such persons as Viktor Petrovich Matveyev, Viktor Ivanovich Ponomarenko, Sergey Grigor’yevich Bondarenko. They were proud of numerous wins of their pupils, winners and medal-winners of competitions of different levels: from regional to international. Under the leadership of Igor Anatoliyevich Volkanov a spacemodelling team carries on a tradition to take first places at the competitions. Among their participants there are such famous athletes as Alexander Ageev, Vasiliy Zharov, Roman Kolisnichenko, Alexander Lashko and many others.


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