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Head of Department

Aleksandr A. Bidovskiy

Aleksandr is in aeromodelling since 1984. He held a position of chief in aeromodelling team of Kherson in 1986. From 1982 to 1992 he was a chief of rocketry team in Young technicians club. President of Kherson regional spacemodelling federation.

History of Department

Among the originators of space modelling in Kherson Region there were such persons as Alexey Pavlovich Zverik, Nikolay Yakovlevich Drygval, Anatoliy Ivanovich Voytinskiy. They have trained a young generation of future spacemodelling athletes. Spacemodelling sport commenced its development in 1982 owing to Zverik A.P., one of the first Chiefs of spacemodelling hobby group. He persuaded part of aeromodelling to build rocket models and in 1985 a team of Kherson Region took part in All-Ukrainian competitions of pupilsa of Chernovtsy city. In autumn of the same year a team of athletes participated in the Championship of Ukraine that was held in Chemer village. Establishment of Regional Federation in 2007 was a new round of spacemodelling sport development in Kherson Region. Hobby group was arranged based on Aviation Technology Sports Club of Kherson Regional and since 2008 spacemodelling hobby group was based on Kherson City Centre of Technical Creativity of Youth. For a short period of time regional combined team, consisting of ten boys, took part in All-Ukrainian competitions for pupils, Yangel Cup, Kibalchich Cup and consolidated themselves as the top five of Ukrainian teams. Former modelers and people who are not indifferent to challenges and achievements of spacemodelling sport render substantial assistance to Spacemodelling Sports Federation of Kherson Region in arranging and participating in competitions.
At the moment Regional Federation consists of 15 members and 8 of them are competitive sportsmen.


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