You become a good competitor through individual victories.

Learned in youth – carved in stone

Youth raises the price of talent
F. Wolter

Kirill Protsenko is one of the most talented juniors on the national team for space models in Ukraine. He works with S8 models, although he used to work with high-altitude models.

Kirill, what is your role in the junior team? What are your main functions?

I am rocketry enthusiast. From this point of view, everyone’s function is the same. As far as features, I have to show results for the team. I must be able to make my own decisions. And, of course, I prepare the models for flights.

What is your favorite model class?

S1A. This is a high-altitude model. The height is measured with electronic devices: altimeters.

But you used to compete in S1A. Recently you have been working with rocket planes? How did you get into this and why?

Well I began to work with high-altitude classes in 2011-2012. At the beginning of the last season (eds. Season 2014) I discovered rocket planes. I’ve learned pretty quickly. I just love it. I have now moved on to more serious model rocket planes. I am training to get into the national team of Ukraine to compete at the European Championships in 2015.

Reference: European Championships will be held in Lviv August 21-28. Ukraine was awarded the right to host the championship largely through the efforts of the Noosphere delegation at the FAI meeting (International Aviation Federation).

This obsession, what do you get out of it? Why are you are into amateur rocketry?

The short answer: it’s just fun! And, among other things, rocketry amateur develops attention to detail and accuracy.

What other traits do you need to educate yourself in to succeed?

The first is the able to focus on the most important things and make quick decisions.

What international and national competitions have you participated in? What is the best you have done in a competition? And what is the achievement you are the most proud of?

World Cup 2012 European – 2013 World Championships of this year in Bulgaria – perhaps these are the most notable events I have been in. I have also participated in many national and international competitions such as the World Cup stage- Yangel Cup.

The awards that I am the most proud of are the silver and the bronze medals at the World Championships and two gold medals and one silver prize in the team event. But I also have a lot of medals from national competitions and Yangel cups.

What are you current goals?

Fly successfully in 2015. I need to design my model and practice hard in the S8 class.

Can you remember a funny story? I’m sure the junior team has a couple in stock?

About funny stories…We are always forgetting something in the hotel. Something very important:-) So I have to take taxis and pay a lot…. (Ed. 2013 The European Championships in Bulgaria. The juniors had to go back to the hotel for boxes with parts for the rockets)

Kirill, and the last question. To be honest, what is more valuable: an individual victory or a team victory?

They are equally important. You become a good competitor through individual victories. But you cannot be a good sport, if you do not feel part of the team.