Yangel Cup 2019, FAI World Cup

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Traditionally, for the period from 28 to 30 of June, Dnipro, with the support of NGO “Association Noosphere”, has hosted the 23rd international competitions, a stage of the FAI World Cup— Yangel Cup 2019.

It is the annual international competitions for space models within the territory of Ukraine.

The history of these competitions begins still in the beginning of the Ukrainian Independence, when in 1991, the international match encounter between Ukraine and Poland for the M.K.Yangel Cup prize was held, and further, these competitions have evolved into a stage of the FAI World Cup.

The World Cup consists of 20-30 stages per year, which take place in different countries.

The winners of the World Cup are decided on the maximum score, which the athlete has won for the best three stages. 



The competitions are held in five model classes:

S4A — boost/glide duration models;
S6A — streamer duration models;
S7 — scale models;
S8E/P — guided models of rocket gliders for the duration of the flight and the accuracy of landing;
S9A — gyrocopter duration model.


The World Cup stages are very popular among professional athletes, as it enables testing the inventions and honing the skills. Moreover, these competitions are essential for teaching of junior space modelers. As there are no limits of the participants’ age, the juniors are able to compete with senior athletes on equal terms and to adopt their experience.

This year, 60 athletes from Belarus, Bulgaria and Ukraine took part in Yangel Cup. It is the most numerous stage of the World Cup within the territory of Ukraine for the last ten years.


It is a pleasure to see an increase in the number of junior participants (under the age of 18 years), which exceeded the number of senior athletes. These competitions once again confirmed the fact that space modelling is not limited by age, as the difference between the youngest participants and the eldest ones made 58 years!


Such a huge number of juniors were possible thanks to the support of our partner NGO “Association Noosphere”, which, through its initiatives, has found an opportunity to launch the program in support of the regional coaches with the growth prospects. It is only the first steps in the implementation of an extensive program of space modelling transformation and development in Ukraine.


The results of the 2019 Yangel Cup:

1. Valentin Savov (Bulgaria)
2. Vadym Struk (Ukraine)
3. Bohdan Rapaliuk (Ukraine)
1. Serhiy Trush (Ukraine)
2. Andrii Prymushko (Ukraine)
3. Andrii Skorohod(Ukraine)

1. Serhii Mytrokhov (Ukraine)
2. Oleksandr Biloborodov(Ukraine)
3. Maksym Lavrynenko (Ukraine)


1. Oleksandr Synielytsyi (Ukraine)
2. Oleksandr Radchenko (Ukraine)
3. Ihor Volkanov (Ukraine)

1. Serhii Serdiukov (Ukraine)
2. Mikhail Suschyk (Belarus)
3. Yevhenii Penkov (Ukraine)


Besides the basic classes, Yangel Cup hosted the competitions of altitude models among seniors – S1B and juniors – S1A.

1. Bohdan Parkhomenko (Ukraine)
2. Bohdan Kovalov (Ukraine)
3. Artem Skrebets (Ukraine)
1. Ihor Volkanov (Ukraine)
2. Maksym Lavrynenko (Ukraine)
3. Vladyslav Chyzh (Ukraine)


Detailed results can be viewed through the online system CupNavigator.

The additional nomination “Best Athlete” was awarded to Ihor Volkanov, Dnipro.


The winners’ achievements were rewarded with medals, diplomas and cups. According to the results in all classes, Ihor Volkanov has got a Special Award from NGO “Association Noosphere”.