First medals of the Season Went to Nizhyn

Participants in the 2015 World Cup first stage in Grodno returned home.

This years amateur rocketry season was launched in Belarus by rocketeers on Easter from April 10th to the 12th with the First World Cup, “Grodno Cup”.

Over 70 rocketry enthusiasts from six countries took part in the international competition. Competitors from Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia were flying in five different classes.

Ukrainian rocket pilots also brought their best and saw Sergiy Trush take second place.

Sergiy Shulyak also brought the bronze back to Ukraine. Boys launched S7 class prototypes: the Trailblazer II and the Taurus Tomahawk.

The first medalists of the new season are natives of Nizhyn and bother were trained by Denis Pridannikov.